Home Buyer Protection Plan

Get our exclusive 45-day Home Buyer Protection Plan* for only $40.00*

ATS Home Inspection’s Home Buyer Protection Plan entitles the home buyer to have a second home inspection at no additional cost on a similar size/type home within 45 days of the original home inspection if the transaction should fall through for any reason.

Home buyer protection Plan

How does the plan work?
If you do not buy the home for any reason (financing issues, appraisal goes wrong, negations can’t be met, etc.) ATS will not charge you a fee for the second home inspection; provided you schedule the inspection with ATS Home inspections and utilize the same agent. After 45 days from the original inspection (if client does not utilize) standard pricing applies and this protection plan converts to a $40 dollar off coupon on the cost of the second home inspection with us.

This is only available at the time of scheduling the first home inspection.

*Free home inspection is valued at the same fee as the first inspection, If the second home inspection has a higher fee due to size, you will be charged for the difference.

Client still receives the following at no additional cost:

  • Termite Inspection
  • Recall Chek
  • 90-Day Home Warranty
  • Home Energy Audit

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